2024 Monogenetic Volcanism Seminar Series

2024 Monogenetic Volcanism Seminar Series

If you are interested in giving a presentation reach out to the Commission leadership. Share latest research, talk about a recent paper or give topic reviews.

People that have not registered previously to the webinars can still do so at: If you have registered already, there is no need to do it again. If you wish to be deleted from this list, please tell us.

On June 28, 2024 Nanci Reyes Guzman spoke about “Deciphering monogenetic cluster formation: the case of the Zacapu Holocene Cluster, Michoacan- Mexico”

Past presentations:

Our first speaker for 2024 was Gabor Kereszturi from Massey University in New Zealand. His talk titled “The Eruptive and Geomorphic Evolution of Scoria Cones” was Monday March 11 at 2 pm Mexico City time (9 am March 12 in NZ).

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