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International Monogenetic Conference 2024

DEADLINE EXTENDED June 30, 2024 via email to conference email. All submission and registration information is in the Third Circular

The conference website with all information about the event is here.

1st International Monogenetic Conference. Novemer 4-8, 2024 San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Image shows a crater and lava domes.

The 1st IMC is a multidisciplinary conference on monogenetic volcanism, covering a wide spectrum of topics following the tradition of the International Maar Conferences (2000-2018). These, among others, include physical volcanology, stratigraphy, field geology, geochemistry, petrology, geophysics, modelling, along with environmental, cultural heritage, economic and hazard aspects related to monogenetic systems and crater lakes.

We look forward to your attendance at the 1st IMC. For more information please check the latest Circular posted below.

The first circular is already available on the Ckelar Website.

The second circular is now ready on the Ckelar website (released May 15, 2024).

The third circular is now ready on the Ckelar website (rereleased June 2024).

If you are interested in the 1st International Monogenetic Conference, please complete the following Pre-registration form.

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